Duel Deck: Heroes VS Monsters

Release Date: 06 Settembre 2013
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGHVM
Deck Design and Deck Development: Chris Millar, Kelly Digges and Sam Stoddard
Languages Available: English, Japanese
Costo di Lancio: $19.99

Dalla pagina inglese si legge:
“Monsters worthy of legend have always threatened the civilizations of the Multiverse. Heroes of many worlds must prove their worth by confronting these immense creatures. These heroes grow stronger with every encounter as they assail threats beyond their imagination.

Materializing out of the mist, monsters loom large on the horizon. Terrifying and relentless, these mythical creatures ravage the countryside. Enrage your monsters into jaw-dropping monstrosities and send them rampaging toward the enemy.”


Questo duel deck conterrà 6 carte della nuovissima espansione Theros così da permetterci di assaporarla prima della sua uscita ufficiale!!!



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